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    Cohwa Brush for Today's Painter
    • I have been a client of Cohwabrush factory for 5 years. They always complete our order ahead of schedule without sacrificing quality. We will continue buying paint brush and paint roller with them in the coming years.


    • Cohwabrush, their paint brushes have premium filaments, our ending customer like their brush, which provide a smoother finish and more even release. So then I love to continue work and cooperate with Cohwa


    • Imported painting tools from 2008 years, Cohwabrush have never disappointed me. They passion on my every time order and never delaying my shipping. I like to work with like this factory.


    • Good job for Cohwabrush. Good quality. My customers like to buy paint rollers and paint brushes from me and said to me "you find one best supplier from China" "hahaha…….."


        Skype: luckyin1
        Fax: +86(0) 511 8332 0358
        Tel: +86(0) 511 8332 5828
        Address: Zhuangquan,Guyang Town,Dantu Distric,Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province,China
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